An idea is born!

A few years ago while traveling our Company realized that we  all have something in common, our cell phones &  the effect they have on our success!

 So we immediately became focused on the goal of Keeping Wichita Positively Charged! 

Thus, the idea was born &  the business was created, Power Portals!

A unique way to reach your audience!

 Commercial and Still 8 and 15 second Ads are available.  They are very effective in our  business marketing and social media network platforms. Around 12,600 views per month is less than 2 cents a day! This is why we know the effectiveness of this type of unique advertising, repetition and being out in front of people in a positive atmosphere the same place your clients hang out!

Public Purpose

The purpose for the business is three fold. To keep our cell phones charged when we need them most. To have advertising that is affordable for the start up business all the way up to corporate companies, & to bring this to our community helping support local events like the Dam Music Festival and The Block Party and other outdoor and indoor events.

Keeping the Community Charged!

We reached out to  Emerson Biggins Downtown, Emersons East, as well as Jerseys Bar & Grill.

Come down and experience the be​nefit of always having a positive charge and viewing the first 8 advertisers on Power Portals first kiosk.​

Our Future Focus

 As per the Pew National Institute of Research states that 97% of America carries their phone on them at least 10 hours a day. 


 "We struggled to get eyes and impressions, especially those of millennials, & found this disruptive technology to be a great solution" in addition to traditional methods."

Brad Wiesen

Owner of Wiesen Roofing

Tess Timonial

Head of Potatoes, The Internet

Hugh Canduit

Chief Ranch Dressing Advisor